Task Force Elite Roadmap

August 28, 2022


Task Force Elite Roadmap

𝐑𝐨𝐚𝐝𝐦𝐚𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞

The following are estimated times for release. The features mentioned per version can be changed without prior notice on the course of development, but remains our goals for each version.

The planned versions:

Version 4.4

Version 4.5

Version 4.6

Version 5 Beta

+ Global Improvements

― Version 4.4

    – Upgraded engine version to 4.25 

    – Multiple bug fixes as reported by community 

    – Performance Optimizations 

    – Delivering custom maps more efficiently

    – Reducing custom map sizes greatly by increasing default game installation files

    – Improved and further developed community platform in web 

    – Improved sound design in stock maps 

― Version 4.5

    – New Unique Experimental Gamemode – We hope to become mainstream on public servers (not competitive)

    – Directional sound and sound oclusion improvements

― Version 4.6

    – Steam Workshops integration for Custom Maps

    – In-game store for cosmetics

    – Overhauling Team Conquer game mode

    – Steam Achievements API integration 

    – Trading XP for cosmetics 

    – Additional content for unlock

    – Improving AI behaviors for bots

    – Adding new map vote full screen at end of round 

    – Improved scoreboards 

― Version 5 Beta

    – New Matchmaking system

    – Early access rank and stats record on profile and full stats reset on full launch 

    – Improved inventory system 

    – Integration with voice system for in-game voice chat

    – Ranking system overhaul 

    – New Leaderboard system 

    – Additional API features open to community

    – Improving game scalability. Goal is to achieve 32-player servers 

    – Profiling and optimizing netcode further 

    – New Tutorial system for new players 

    – Killcam: show killer perspective for 3 seconds (3rd person view) to dead player. Does not repeat the shot (for official servers for new arrived players up to rank 10)    – Additional data points for advanced stats 

    – Flagball game mode (post-launch as season special)

    – Adding best custom maps done during Early Access into game default for best user experience at full launch 

+ Game Mechanics & Weapons

― Version 4.4

    – Improving gun values and handling. Slightly higher time to kill 

    – Total Character redesign 

    – Dynamic PSP timers and penalties

    – Tweaking scopes FOV 

    – Improving utilities bounce physics 

    – Flash utility improvement 

    – Re-adding red Smoke grenade (keeping white as option) 

    – Character Movement improvement with and without ADS

    – Multiple polish features on character movement and mechanics 

    – Improving auto-attach to ladder angle

    – Adding quality of life option to opt for press-key to attach ladder

    – Removing top of ladder animation 

    – Attaching to ladder wont reset player point of view 

    – Adding new graphical configuration to reduce greatly any red-dot ghosting

    – Improving performance options on settings to have better impact on player experience 

    – Adding battletag feature: Toggle between full nick, battletag or triangle 

    – Fixing scopes seeing through smoke 

    – Adding Raining mechanic blueprint  

― Version 4.5

    – Slope movement speed adjustment based on angle 

    – Adding knockdown animation when explosion happens within close radius 

    – Improving transitions between crouch and standing and from prone to standing

    – Swimming and diving mechanics with fatigue 

    – Adding destructible props 

― Version 4.6

    – Adding first person view for Spectator Mode 

   – Adding reticle scopes model options and customization

    – Adding reticle to AK47 as an option 

    – Adding hold-to-use key to change to knife with special animation  

    – Third-person view camera at map start 

    – Revamping Night Vision (first we’ll remove it in next update) 

    – Adding tracers (for night maps) as server option  

    – Improving HUD for Spectator Mode

    – Additional weapons including silencers (tbd) 

+ User Interfaces

― Version 4.4

    – New Game Menus

    – Polish to In-game minimap

    – Polish to In-game tactical map

    – Improving chat UI

― Version 4.5

    – Adding icon in server browser to show Free-to-Play servers 

    – Polish to In-game HUD 

    – Adding icon in server browser to show servers running custom maps 

    – Adding icon in server browser to show servers running maps with big file sizes 

+ Vehicles

― Version 4.5

    – Adding Rope-down mechanic for Black Hawks 

    – Option to turn off vehicles in server-options for all maps in rotation 

    – Adding .50cal to Black Hawks and Humvees 

    – Adding destructible vehicles 

    – RPGs will destroy vehicles killing occupants 

    – New debris mechanic for destroyed vehicles 

― Version 4.6

    – Adding Zodiac vehicle (attack fast boat) with .50cal 

+ Maps

― Version 4.4

    – Overhaul of all stock maps

    – Map lighting improvements

    – New stock maps 

― Version 4.5

    – FPS optimization of all stock maps

+ Eddie – Map editor

― Version 4.4

    – New minimap and tactical map auto-make feature for Eddie

    – New assets including unique customs 

    – Upgraded version to 4.25 

    – Existing custom maps will have to repackage for new version

― Version 4.5

    – Design and Feature overhaul of Server – Windows Server Tool 

+ Cooperative Mode

― Post Launch

   – Full coop system and official missions to be released as DLC post-launch